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“Just Go to Bed Earlier” (Work Rant)

May 25, 2017
A couple of of my bosses have said to me "just go to bed earlier" as have many other people. Although most mean well, it's a frustrating thing to hear and it's challenging to respond to diplomatically. If I could go to bed and fall asleep earlier, wouldn't I just do it? Early bird colleagues and friends can make late risers feel inferior fairly easily. After all, rising late is widely considered a moral failing - a culpable lack of willpower - like gluttony or…

Blame Your Parents – It’s Your Genes

March 20, 2017
Evidence continues to mount that certain types of sleep behaviors are governed by our genes. Genes typically implicated in circadian sleep disorders are Period (PER1, PER2 and PER3) genes. For those who suffer from Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, one of the culprits is a polymorphism (which means 'genetic variation') of the PER3 gene. This research is not new - here's an excerpt from a study in a 2003 issue of Sleep magazine: "The Per3 polymorphism correlated significantly with extreme diurnal preference, the longer allele associating…

Treatments for DSPS

February 5, 2017
Here’s a partial list of the “treatments” I’ve tried so far: Light Therapy: Bright light therapy (10,000 lux light box, Feel Bright Light visor, Golite Blue Energy Light, etc.) in the morning. Light restriction (a.k.a. darkness therapy) via blue-light blocking glasses, black out curtains, f.lux on various screens. Using dim red-filtered light to avoid polychromatic and blue light in the evening. “Natural” Remedies: Valerian, passionflower extract, milky oats, catnip, skull cap, hops, teas, strong chamomile tea, natural GABA…