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Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome Primer Video

June 1, 2017
This excellent video by Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD) expert Dr. Peter Mansbach of the Circadian Sleep Disorders Network (CSDN) explains what DSPD is, the challenges it presents and possible causes. My favorite line is when Dr. Mansbach says (at 1:19) "this is REALLY hard for a person with normal sleep to understand." Exactly! By the way, you will notice that Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder is referred to as Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome by some. An explanation of the…

UCSF Study – Part 2, the Results

April 23, 2017
Two years after meeting with Dr. Ptacek and participating in the study, I received the following note from the lab coordinator: "Recently, we came across some very interesting findings within your family. These findings may lead to the discovery of the first ever night owl sleep gene." Needless to say, I was THRILLED. My longstanding belief that my extreme night owl sleep behavior has a genetic basis was being proven, SCIENTIFICALLY. The coordinator asked for more of my…

Treatments for DSPS

February 5, 2017
Here’s a partial list of the “treatments” I’ve tried so far: Light Therapy: Bright light therapy (10,000 lux light box, Feel Bright Light visor, Golite Blue Energy Light, etc.) in the morning. Light restriction (a.k.a. darkness therapy) via blue-light blocking glasses, black out curtains, f.lux on various screens. Using dim red-filtered light to avoid polychromatic and blue light in the evening. “Natural” Remedies: Valerian, passionflower extract, milky oats, catnip, skull cap, hops, teas, strong chamomile tea, natural GABA…

Cortisol Levels Over A 24-Hour Period

January 31, 2017
This graph shows the peak cortisol release over a 24-hour period for a "normal" person (you can see it peaks around 8 am). I recently did an at-home cortisol saliva test - I collected samples four times (morning, noon, evening, and at bedtime) throughout the day. Since my sleep is delayed about four hours from a "normal" person, I did my morning sample at 11 am (I usually sleep 3:30-ish to 10:30-ish), my noon sample at 3 pm, my…